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“As a true translator you will take care
not to translate word for word.”


A translator transforms an existing text into a language that is different from the original language. In my case, the languages I work with are English, Spanish and of course Italian. During these years, I have worked closely with colleagues and I can also find and manage translators for other language combinations.

In order to offer the best possible result, before I deliver a job, I get it checked by a native speaker to ensure that the translation is completely faithful.

Clothing, insurance, certificates and contracts, sailing, sport and tourism are my fields of specialization. 

I chose some of them out of personal interest; when I translate I often don’t feel as if I’m working because I’m so fascinated by the topic. Other fields are linked to my preceding experiences. 

Naturally, I can also translate in other fields, with the same commitment and precision.

Liaison interpreting

Owing to my previous working experience, I have gained expertise in liaison interpreting. This term means the ability to listen to and translate from one language to another after  a participant in the conversation has said a few sentences.

It is a very useful service, for example during company meetings, round tables, meetings with a notary. In such circumstances, a small group of interlocutors do not share the same language but they want to communicate without misunderstandings.

People who have sailed with me

I’m more than happy with the work done – the translation of an academic article from English to Castilian Spanish – both in terms of the general quality and punctuality (I had set deadlines without realizing that they were holidays). The very reasonable prices also reflect very favourably on Eleonora’s professionalism. If I need a translation in the future, I know where to go.

Gianmaria Valent

Eleonora translated some conversations with American suppliers for our business. Professional, fast and very helpful.

Maddalena Vidale

I chose Eleonora for a translation after reading the rave reviews and I can only confirm that she is professional, punctual and courteous and her prices, which I have been able to compare with other quotations, are very honest.

Genni HD



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* After translating the text, the authorized translator, who is liable under criminal law, goes to court to swear and register the translation officially so that it is certified that the translation is a faithful translation of the attached original text.

Liaison interpreting


Do you need more information or would you like to receive a free quote? Fill out the form, I will answer as soon as possible.

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